Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessed are those who see beautiful things in the most humble places when others see nothing. ~Pissaro

Ok so that is along title......I know, I know.....but this is by far my favorite quote and I think it sums up the way I look at the world just perfectly. I love things that are not so "perfect"....a rust covered planter, weathered barn wood, my great-great grandmothers vanity chipping paint and all. Like a lot of you vintage/thrift store lovers out there I could seriously fill my house with "treasures" that some people might consider junk. (Don't worry I won't end up on Hoarders anytime compulsion to buy is  balanced by my obsessive need to have a clean house haha).

All these thoughts come from two things
1. I'm doing a little research for an upcoming photo shoot that I'm sooooo psyched about.
2. One of my best girlies just started her own etsy business Weathered N Worn. Check it out if you love gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry! I'm so in love with her's really hard to pick a favorite!
Check out her Etsy store at
weathered N worn

One of Mandi's beautiful creations.......      
Goodnight all.....Sleep well and dream of beautiful things......imperfections and all!

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  1. I love that quote, it reminds me of my dad. that might be weird, though. but really, he sees things in a way that is always positive. your girl has cute etsy stuff too!