Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My heart hurts.......

Don't worry I'm seriously okay......well, maybe not okay, but I'll survive. The thing that ails me is not that serious in reality; however, my heart is truly aching as I type. I've spent the day in search of inspiration for a few projects I'm  currently working on. I know it sounds crazy, but I think I get visual overload when I start running across so many beautiful things! My mind and heart start racing and it seriously makes me feel dizzy! I love beautiful things to the 10th degree....I see a beautiful gown and it makes me want to have my wedding all over again. Then there are flowers! Don't get me started on flowers......I don't even think I could pick a color combo right now if you made me. I'm seriously lovin' the orange and teal combo right now.......but then again, I love red and hot pink.......then there are jewel tones......and the ever fresh white and lime green. See what I mean? My mind is spinning!!!!

Maybe this is why I'm drawn to this profession. I may not get to throw a big wedding of my own over and over (I pretty sure my dad would have a heart attack if I even suggested it, haha), but I do get be a part of so many beautiful wedding days! I can't think of anything better! I always say I will treat my brides' weddings as if they were my own and I truly mean it........after all I feel lucky to be living my own day over and over again when I see the excitement in my bride's face :)

Speaking of my brides...I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs with you ladies......you'll find them on the right hand side of this page........I hope you enjoy!

I'll leave you with the source of my racing heart........I really want this dress......would it be weird if I renewed my vows after just 2 years of marriage?

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Girl that dress looks alot like yours did. Same shape and everything. Just different lace and accents! Very pretty!